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The Medicine Box Affair

In late November 2017, just as Brian Chaplin was scooping up the last bits of an apple tart in a downtown Nevada City, California, restaurant, he received a text message from an employee at the Medicine Box farm in Grass Valley: “We’ve just been fu@#-ing robbed!” Chaplin recalls freezing for thirty to forty seconds as a flurry of questions raced through his head.

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A Medicine Box Reflection in Time

What inspired you to create Medicine Box? Where do you source your inspiration from? What makes you creative? How do you tap into that creativity? These are just a few of the questions I was asked as I embarked on this journey. It inspires me to reflect on this aspect of my life as both Brian and as the founder of Medicine Box. The messaging that is important for my team and me to pursue as this brand evolves.

Emerald Exchange: Medicine Box Highlights

Our weekend at the Emerald Exchange was filled with inspiration, community, cannabis culture, and industry insight. The Medicine Box team had a phenomenal time, and we would like to share our highlights! This Emerald Exchange took place in Southern California near Moor Park on a beautifully landscaped and curated nursery.

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The Cannabis Movement: East vs. West

It is easy to be swept up in the normalcy of cannabis when living amidst the movement in California. Topics like terpenes, cannabis therapeutics, cannabis-themed retreats, infused yoga classes, cannabis cultivation, etc. easily slip into everyday conversation! Seamlessly bouncing from topic to topic, these conversations take a shape of their own.

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How Legalization Is Already Hurting California’s Small Pot Farmers

Several men in tactical gear, posing as authorities and armed with rifles, had ambushed the property, Chaplin tells Rolling Stone. The trimmer told him that the robbers pointed an AR15 at one of the trimmers and asked him to get down on the ground. Then they blindfolded and tied up four employees, he adds, and stole a $10,000 GreenBroz trim machine and nearly 100 pounds of bud.