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Medicine Box Monday: Cultivating Cannabis in Unpredictable Weather

While our founder was on the east coast in January, networking with groups like Medicinal Genomics, he witnessed the “Bomb Cyclone”. With temperatures below zero, winds that cut through the body, and ice covering the streets it was a good time to stay inside! We were experiencing quite the opposite in the Sierra Nevada mountains; more and kayaking and hiking than skiing and bundling up by the fire.

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Medicine Box Monday: Gold Country Afgoo

The cultivators behind Medicine Box have been growing Afgoo for almost a decade, so it makes perfect sense that our founder gravitated toward this variety of cannabis to become Medicine Box’s flagship strain. Not to mention the fact that the appellation of the Grass Valley / Nevada City area, commonly referred to as Gold Country, is perfect in its elevation, humidity, long wet winters combined with hot dry summers, and exposure to pure sunlight.

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How Legalization Is Already Hurting California’s Small Pot Farmers

Several men in tactical gear, posing as authorities and armed with rifles, had ambushed the property, Chaplin tells Rolling Stone. The trimmer told him that the robbers pointed an AR15 at one of the trimmers and asked him to get down on the ground. Then they blindfolded and tied up four employees, he adds, and stole a $10,000 GreenBroz trim machine and nearly 100 pounds of bud.