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Medicine Paradox cutted

The Medicine Box Affair

In late November 2017, just as Brian Chaplin was scooping up the last bits of an apple tart in a downtown Nevada City, California, restaurant, he received a text message from an employee at the Medicine Box farm in Grass Valley: “We’ve just been fu@#-ing robbed!” Chaplin recalls freezing for thirty to forty seconds as a flurry of questions raced through his head.

You just have to trust your own madness. - Clive Barker

Medicine Box Monday: Embracing the Madness

With the Independence Day holiday at Lake Tahoe, it seems as if all of California can be found on our roadways and beaches. Tahoe is both the place we call home and where Medicine Box gains perspective through inspiration. However, bumper to bumper traffic and beaches crowded with people and their trash often have the opposite effect, if you let it.