For me and many who have turned towards their own sovereign mental and physical health, the word “normal” may have always seemed a little weighted. When our entire way of life is lived at a dangerous remove from the natural systems which sustain us, one has to ask whether or not the normalcy it created was ever really that healthy.



Three herbal products combining non-stimulating ingredients from hemp and a stimulating medley of 100% organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to help you with sleep, gut health and overall daily performance.

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Physical Pandemic Prep

Alright! In betwixt the spiritual and the mental prep, you’ve also been doing some physical prep for your eventual re-entry into polite and not-so-polite society. It’s possible that a lot has changed with you since this all began. In fact, it’s possible that your daily yoga or Peloton routine has kept you alive and sane throughout the entire pandemic.


Lines We Can Not Cross

Within and without this state, Lake Tahoe is seen as a pristine paradise. People from the San Francisco Bay Area and the rest of the world come here to escape from the chaos and uncertainty of their daily lives. The shifting climate realities of this region, however, has informed us locals that these problems have already arrived.


How to Weed out Urban Despair with Plant Medicine

In an interview last year with Anderson Cooper, the veteran BBC nature filmmaker Sir David Attenborough stated, “In the course of this particular pandemic that we’re going through, I think people are discovering that they need the natural world for their very sanity.” Stands to reason that WE will probably go crazier if it keeps dying out.


Urban Renewal

Most of the time on this here blog, you’re hearing Brian talk about nature, wax rhapsodic about his latest hike, or share his daily purification in the waters of South Lake Tahoe. And if you’re wondering at all whether Medicine Box understands what those who are living in a city filled with food deserts and smog issues is going through — well, we’ve got news.