Cannabis Legalization

A Conversation with My Family About Cannabis

A few months ago, AB sat down with her grandmother and great-aunts and asked them a few questions about cannabis. This week, I asked the same questions to the next generation, my mom and my aunts and uncles. My family lives in Michigan, not Colorado, so some of the questions were changed to reflect that.


Cannabis Bill of Rights

On Tuesday, people in eight states made it clear that cannabis matters. We doubled the number of states that allow adult use and we’re up to 21 states that allow medical use. Fully 20% of US citizens live in a state that allows adults to use cannabis recreationally. In light of the overwhelming support for cannabis, we think it’s time for a cannabis bill of rights.


Happy election day!

In this historic election, nine states have cannabis on the ballot and pro-cannabis voting will make a difference in every state. By tomorrow morning, we could wake up to a country that has made it clear that cannabis prohibition doesn’t work.
Here’s a guide to help you get through the election and some thoughts on what might happen next.


Grandmas and Weed: An unlikely conversation with the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do something I never really thought I would, something I never really thought about period. Something perhaps only doctors and research conductors get to do – I sat down for a chat with my beloved grandmother and her two sisters about pot.


The Anti-Propaganda, Part 2

As we quickly approach November 2016, when a very historical election will take place and the unknown answer to the question of “Who will be our next president?” will be revealed. With the federal, state and local laws being longer and more complex than most can understand, we turn to those in leadership roles to guide our way.


The Anti-Propaganda

As a collective that both cultivates cannabis and hand crafted infused products, we place a large emphasis on spreading awareness and education about the true potential of this healing plant – and what can happen when patient’s access to this natural, non-toxic medicine becomes restricted.