The Wellness Muses: Elizabeth Mack

Elizabeth Mack has never been a person to do things halfway. Before a fateful bike accident brought Elizabeth to the world of cannabis healing, she had spent 20 years working in both sales and operations for several health insurance carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross.

The Wellness Muses: Jam in the Van

f you could take a solar-powered multiwheeler filled with recording equipment and wired for sound anywhere in the world, where would you go? Jam in the Van founders Jake Cotler took theirs all around the country, giving hordes of talented artists and musicians a shot at gaining an audience while supplying a reliably rocking alternative stage at the festivals they visited, which included SXSW, Bonnaroo and High Sierra. But unfortunately, you know what came next

The Wellness Muses: Doctor Karina Klimtchuk

Like many in the fields of functional and integrative medicine, Dr. Karina Klimtchuk’s path of healing has taken her to many unique ports of call. Graduating with a dual major in sociology and psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, Dr. Klimchuk earned a Psya.D in Psychoanalysis, while also picking up additional training in yoga, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mental health, simplicity, and cleaning out the cobwebs

Cleaning out the clutter. Every so often, you’ve got to do it, especially in times of outer chaos, because if they’re messed up out there, they’re going to get out of sorts inside as well. And if you’re going to do a little spring cleaning, you will need the proper tools and cleaning liquids for the job. But don’t fret — Medicine Box’s got you covered.

The simple life(style)

Since the beginning of the year, many of us have lost a LOT of what once defined our lives: routines, hangouts, traditions, and many other things upended or indefinitely postponed. It’s cleared a lot off of our collective schedules. And what are we left with?

Five steps to healing up by making it simple

It’s definitely a rude awakening to be told that one’s entire life needs to be changed in the course of a few days. But that’s what we’ve all been asked to do this year, and some of us are dealing with this better than others. Those who have had difficulty paring down their lifestyles have been struggling the most with it. If you lived for live football matches, music festivals and large throngs of people, it’s taken a lot of getting used to. But as the Internet likes to say every now and again.

How Medicine Box keeps it simple

Consider your life and your health right now: how much do you need in order to keep it going? What is the control panel to your life, the meters and measurements that allow you to maintain your existence on earth? Oftentimes, the more cluttered our existence is, the more we suffer from it. It’s something I take to heart, both as a business owner and a human being. For while I do own a company, and comply with many different, often contradictory rules to keep Medicine Box afloat, the only way I’ve been able to make it work is to keep it SIMPLE, and let nature speak for herself.

Making the difference with mushrooms

Medicine Box has introduced me to a lot of plant allies early on, but mushrooms are a newer acquaintance — or discovery, if you will. While my maternal grandfather often went mushroom hunting with my father and uncle during visits, and I occasionally would look for mushrooms with a friend of mine in the northern hardwood forests of New Hampshire. In particular, we were fond of these hollow, bulbed mushrooms that we would call “bombs.” That’s because whenever you stepped upon them, they’d explode and emit these grey plumes of spores.