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The Industry: The foundational components of Conscious Capitalism

The need for a community Considering all that it’s had to fight, cannabis could certainly not have survived a double-barreled assault on its existence without community. Yes, the plant can be abused, especially by those who seek strictly to profit off of its abilities. For those who have kept it alive and fought to bring …

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The Locals: Medicine Box’s exploration on community

why we need community? It’s not just me that made Medicine Box; standing alongside of me in the greenhouses are the Nevada County, CA OGs and the Squaw Valley shredders that both make these communities unique. Communities possess unique healing capabilities, for certain. If they didn’t, I could do Medicine Box anywhere in the world. …

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Five Instagram images that have gotten us thinking outside the (Medicine) Box

Thoughtful images This month’s Instagram inspo has gotten me doing some thinking. As you’ll see in the five selections, the majesty of the human mind is celebrated, not to mention its dreams, creativity and endless utility. Nothing I do, from jumping a mogul to manufacturing Medicine Box products, is possible without embracing the mind and …

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Conscious Capitalism Community

The month of June represents community as medicine here at Medicine Box. The communities that we live amongst represent a diverse playing field of ideas, innovations, and policies that may or may not resonate with all of us. However, it is important to reflect that community first starts with self. As my new friend Yasmine said to me at the 2018 Conscious Company Leaders Forum, “what a lovely life we live, it’s a miracle that we are ALL here.”

Community: Medicine Box Ethos

As the days get longer and summer permeates California, communities throughout the state are galvanizing for summer activities. A community is defined as “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.”


Patterns in Nature

As we’ve moved through the month of May highlighting nature as medicine, we have experienced the birds and the bees, permaculturing and inspirational walks in the woods. Nature’s therapeutic contributions are often in the moment and the past week graced us with a myriad of moments to reflect on. Hail storms were followed by rain and gray skies.

South Lake Tahoe sunset

Nature as Medicine

The month of May is dedicated to nature as medicine. Last week we went on an exploratory adventure with the birds and the bees. This week we will explore the simple benefits of just being in nature. Our natural surroundings have the potential to pull us into the moment and remind us to be mindful.

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Nature: The 9 Ethos of Medicine Box

The nine ethos of Medicine Box, where all things are medicine and cannabis is the medium that weaves it all together. When combined synergistically with this ethos, Medicine Box is stewarding an evolving entourage effect of a lifestyle. It is every human’s right to live a happy and healthy life while exploring their own consciousness.