Physical Pandemic Prep

Some of us have been working out and eating right, while others have really let it go. There’s good and bad to that, and a lot to keep in mind once we begin to decompress. In this post, we’ll go over the gory details.

Mental Post-Pandemic Prep

Everyone is talking about mental health, but not much about mental readjustment. And we’re all going to need to remember just how to act in public, when we no longer need to be so afraid of each other. This is how Medicine Box plans to do it.


We all have a little bit of magical thinking we grab and hold onto, especially in times of stress. Sometimes, it can totally overtake a person’s life. A call for peace and reconciliation with science and reason, we feel, is warranted, especially now, when we need to march forward together.

Spiritual Bypassing

“Too Ascended to be Offended”? In that case, you might be a prime candidate for spiritual bypassing, a person everyone knows in their circle. Learning how to rise above the already-risen could be how we level up.


Once the province of the sidewalk ranter, paranoia and fear have become mainstream, and it’s bitten down hard on the wellness community. Only true healing can set things straight.


There’s plenty of talk and money floating around about plant medicine, but not much about the long, hard work of integrating these lessons into one’s life. Who’s going to put in the work?

Lines We Can Not Cross

We at Medicine Box are optimists, but we know that time is of the essence, and that minus some deep changes in our ways of life, it may not end well for the homo sapiens. So we end this month with what we intend to look out for, and how we at Medicine Box plan to help save the world.