We discuss the things that that weren't killed by the virus, and what will continue to inspire and motivate Medicine Box.

Brian // January 27, 2021

what do we do after the pandemic?

Some things simply can’t be killed, no matter what you may throw at them, whether it’s disease, war or a big, fat meteor. That may include the cockroaches, but it also includes something pretty well indomitable in the human spirit as well. Medicine Box is built upon nurturing and championing these core strengths, so as we launch off into the Screaming ‘20s, we’d like to remind those beginning this year of what they — and you — can draw upon for sustenance in the months to come. Yes, it does involve the Seven Pillars and 1CaB. But it also involves a few core components of the human heart that could use a bit of limbering up at this point in time. So this is what you’ve got to work with:


Directly at our disposal are an arsenal of thoughts, dreams and aspirations, all of which can be powered by gratitude for the time and space we were granted to put all of thse into motion, without distraction. A friend of mine said that all of us will come out of this pandemic as a hunk, a chunk, a drunk or a monk, which means that we’ve all been putting effort into creating the person we’re going to be in our private chrysalises, whether for good or unfortunate. I’m pretty sure we’ll see it for ourselves once the pandemic subsides. 

I mentioned a few blog posts earlier about how humans deserve to be sovereign in their health decisions, and of course that means whatever mental health choices factor into your individual lifestyle. Because that’s what it’s all about: CHOICE. We still have to make the right ones for ourselves, but we still have the freedom to do so, and COVID reminded us very forcefully of that as well. And it always means that you can make the right one whenever you wish. Not too late to change from a chunk to a hunk, in other words.


So once the COVID tsunami recedes, there’s going to ba a LOT of cleaning up to do, personally, politically, and across the board. Think the rise in addiction, mental health crises, economic challenges and ongoing social strife. None of these problems are going away with 2020. And they will all have to be met with a newfound commitment to community, which some of us have certainly left to rot over the past four years.

However, in order to do that rehabilitation, WE will need to start with ourselves first and foremost, and nurture our spirits to the task. Eventually, this inner work leads to the sort of unity consciousness that fosters community. Within this unity consciousness you will find HUMILITY, COMPASSION and FORBEARANCE. In your toolkit are the Seven Pillars: Nature, Music, Food, Mindfulness, Collaboration, Recovery, and Community which alongside 1CaB are the spirit medicines needed for this task. Those tools are there to nourish the Love you will need to not only rebuild oneself, but one’s community as well. I’ll be doing a lot of work this year, in events we’ll announce on social media, to instruct and aid people in this task. In this act of recovery, we will use meditation, plant medicine and prayer to regain the homeostasis necessary to clean up after the tsunami.


Implicit in the ontology of an entity you can’t kill is that it’s eternal. Pretty heavy, right? 

Well, count me as a definite believer in the Great Eternal. We’re all immaterial entities experiencing a transient, material existence, learning in this brief time what it means to be human. These lessons are hella hard to integrate into one’s day-to-day life, particularly the parts that AREN’T eternal, such as our corporeal existence. However, accepting the end does end up helping one take full advantage of the balance of one’s time on earth far more than those who live in fear, and cling to life at all costs. 

For me, my survival depends on a successful execution of my own mission on earth, which is to bring plant medicine far and wide. To the extent that you are living your purpose, the only regrets, such as they are, is that you end up leaving the work unfinished. Of course, that’s not entirely true; that’s up to the rest of those around you to take up the mantle. But that ability to let go of it ALL – your possessions, your body, your friends and family – at a moment’s notice shows a move towards the Eternal, towards what remains when everything else that cannot last is washed away. That is the path WE are always invited to take, towards what remains. That’s the path we at Medicine Box will take, with 1CaB, with the Seven Pillars and the plants that make it possible. Care to come with? 

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A brighter future

It will take a mixture of convincing testimony and solid data to show the rest of the world that we indeed know what we’re doing. It will also take education that shows THC IS a medicine, and that even those not looking for psychoactivity can work with it through proper education. “There is a potential for psychoactivity that may be uncomfortable for a patient should be taken into account when selecting a medicine for them, and just as importantly, when establishing a titration schedule,” Mara tells me.

“When THC is introduced to a cannabis-naïve patient it is important to start with a low dose and increase it slowly. Many speak of cannabis as a ‘mind, body, spirit, medicine, and I would have to agree. With education and dose modulation we can eliminate the fear associated with psychoactivity.”

– Mara Gordon, Aunt Zelda’s

Similarly, I believe we can eliminate similar prejudices and control obsessions with the same sort of education. Matter of fact, things are even beginning to show signs of improvement here in California. Manufacturing facilities are moving towards more contract manufacturing arrangements, which carves out space for more innovative products, which gives breathing space for brands that can’t yet afford to own the means of production. Still, people are suffering now, and the bureaucracies in place to ensure safety are woefully unequipped to meet the challenges of our times. That’s why we’ll continue to let people know, whenever possible, how it’s all about the Plant, the Whole Plant, and nothing but the Plant. Anything less, and you’re just not letting nature take its course. 




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