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Brian // January 11, 2021


First off, while we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year in 2021, we have to remind ourselves that we probably did the same last year, and we all know how that turned out now, don’t we? Much of this year will be about picking up the pieces and rebuilding — and that’s what Medicine Box will be doing as well.

So allow me to alert you what’s going on over here at Medicine Box. First off, we’re working on some brand-new reformulations of the 1CaB Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations. We’ve learned a lot from all of you about what you want to see more of in Equanimity, Happy Belly and Vital Recovery. So we’re going to integrate all of those lessons into 1CaB 2.0, which we’ll be unveiling later in the year.

So what can you expect from us in the meantime? Well, we’ll be doubling down on providing our audience with information and education about the Seven Pillars of Medicine Box. I’ll be starting up with a podcast next year, and we’ll be focusing on new ways people can heal. Of course, we’ll be centering plant medicine and its many allies. Expect to hear from some of our Wellness Muses, as well as people like Dr. Karina Klimtchuk from Akai Wellness and Daniel McQueen from Medicinal Mindfulness

From what we’ve learned in 2020, people are as hungry for these fresh perspectives as they are for the medicines that spring forth from them. And that’s something people from the hemp/cannabis industry have inauthentically represented since legalization. For as more states and even countries push forward with bringing cannabis out of the shadows, the focus is on volume, scale and commoditization, rather than HEALING. For adult-use cannabis, it’s all about THC, whereas with hemp, it’s CBD. For us, it’s about all of the above, and we want to get that message out there as much as possible. In the meantime, that message will be incorporated into the reformulation of 1CaB 2.0, which will be released in a very unique time in our human species’ evolution indeed.


By now, pretty much everyone’s life and business has been touched by COVID, and Medicine Box is no different. We’ll get into more detail on that in a future blog, but for now, I’d like to reflect on what I’ve learned from this year, from both my experiences and yours.

This year was probably the first year that many of us really felt abandoned by health care institutions. It’s all been one big fat mess from the get-go, with confusion and mixed messages being the rule of the day. So we’ve really been left to our own devices. We have often maintained that people should be sovereign over their own health decisions, and we feel that even more strongly now — certainly as it pertains to mental health.

Of course, while plant medicine rituals and ceremonies have been put on hold, this is simply the calm before the storm. With the recent legalization and upcoming development of a regulated psilocybin-therapy treatment in Oregon, the passage of entheogen decriminalization in Washington, DC and an upcoming psychedelic decriminalization bill here in California, and EVERYONE, from social media influencers to physicians, urging mindfulness practices to cope with enforced isolation, the interest in using plants and alternative mental health practices will only continue to grow. 

Ultimately, it’s all going to be about a lifestyle that emphasizes health and wellness that will be the best medicine we all have. We want to make sure people have that information in their medicine box going forward, so expect us to give even more explicit details on how these will help us all survive and thrive in the ‘20s. 

In the meantime, on the product side, we are exploring some new technologies, which we’ll continue to update you on. We thank you for supporting us throughout last year and taking a chance on our products. This year, we fully intend on giving as much as we’ve gotten, and then some.

Announcing the First Cabinet of a Naturally-Informed Way of Life

Sleep, digestion, and vitality

Three herbal products combining non-stimulating ingredients from hemp and a stimulating
medley of 100% organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to help you with sleep,
gut health and overall daily performance.

A brighter future

It will take a mixture of convincing testimony and solid data to show the rest of the world that we indeed know what we’re doing. It will also take education that shows THC IS a medicine, and that even those not looking for psychoactivity can work with it through proper education. “There is a potential for psychoactivity that may be uncomfortable for a patient should be taken into account when selecting a medicine for them, and just as importantly, when establishing a titration schedule,” Mara tells me.

“When THC is introduced to a cannabis-naïve patient it is important to start with a low dose and increase it slowly. Many speak of cannabis as a ‘mind, body, spirit, medicine, and I would have to agree. With education and dose modulation we can eliminate the fear associated with psychoactivity.”

– Mara Gordon, Aunt Zelda’s

Similarly, I believe we can eliminate similar prejudices and control obsessions with the same sort of education. Matter of fact, things are even beginning to show signs of improvement here in California. Manufacturing facilities are moving towards more contract manufacturing arrangements, which carves out space for more innovative products, which gives breathing space for brands that can’t yet afford to own the means of production. Still, people are suffering now, and the bureaucracies in place to ensure safety are woefully unequipped to meet the challenges of our times. That’s why we’ll continue to let people know, whenever possible, how it’s all about the Plant, the Whole Plant, and nothing but the Plant. Anything less, and you’re just not letting nature take its course. 




From intellectual performance to immunity, very little isn’t strengthened by a good night’s sleep. Along with exercise and nutrition, our EQUANIMITY is a valuable ally in your restful lifestyle.



Feed your gut biome with HAPPY BELLY, a rich and carefully selected bouquet of herb and hemp extracts designed to enhance your food and diet choices.



Clarity. Focus. Endurance. Vital Recovery fuels your system to soar throughout the day with unparalleled ease.

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