Introducing First Cabinet or 1CaB: Mental Health, Gut Health and Immunity Boosters

Equanimity, Happy Belly, Vital Recovery — they're on their way to your doorstep, America. Figured it's time we introduced you two,

Brian // May 6, 2020

introducing our new cannabis tinctures

Much has changed over the last month. Speaking for all of the Medicine Box family,  we hope you and all of your loved ones have been able to stay safe, sane and healthy over the past month.

Those of you have followed us on social media know that we’ve been working on a suite of new products throughout the month. Those of you who’ve asked in email when we’d be able to sell our products in all 50 states — that day has finally arrived.

Because today we are unveiling our initial product line through our Medicine Box Wellness branch, which we call First Cabinet, or 1CaB: three newly formulated products, developed especially for the current era, available for purchase on our website. Working together, they reinforce three key pillars of mental and physical health — your sleep, your digestion and your immunity. 

These formulations steer clear from essential oils and work with 100% organic medicinal plants in just the proper alignments to harmonize with each other and accentuate their healing capabilities. Many of the herbs we’re using  — saffron, medicinal mushrooms, skullcap, licorice root, and lemon balm, for instance — are highly sought-after online, and many herbalists have sold out already. However, what we’ve learned from our years in the trenches of cannabis medicine is that the plant alone cannot heal you — it’s the entourage effect of terpenes, flavonoids and active ingredients, put together just so, that optimizes your health during this crucial period. Likewise, the tinctures of 1CaB work with each other to keep your body, mind and spirit functioning properly during this tumultuous era.

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Our tonic for the rest and sleep-focused lifestyle won Second Place for Best Ticture in last year’s Emerald Cup, one of America’s longest-running cannabis cups. We’ve kept all of the herbs that made this one a winner — Banana peels, skullcap, valerian, lemon balm, licorice root — but have replaced the THC with non-intoxicating full spectrum CBD and CBN derived from hemp.

Happy Belly

A few months back, we announced the return of our gut health tincture, so some of you already knew this was coming. For those who didn’t, we’ve created this “pre-biotic” mixture of herbs and CBG — a precursor to both THC and CBD that is often referred to as the “cadillac of cannabinoids” due to both its medicinal properties and its relative scarcity within the mature plant — to nourish your gut biome and upgrade its ability to derive nutrients from your food. The combination is organic, non-GMO, and blended in accord with the best of both ancient wellness traditions and modern scientific advancements.

Vital Recovery

A lot of stress and FEAR is weighing down heavily on the body’s ability to recuperate and recover from a toxic environment. So our newest product which teams up full spectrum CBG, CBN and CBD along with chaga, saffron, turmeric and other herbs in a proprietary blend. We’ve designed this to get your system up to peak performance, and together with the rest of our tincture suite should prepare your body and soul for the tests applied towards them this coming year. 

If it’s one thing we have all learned over the past month in the hardest way possible, none of us have anything without wellness or inner peace. Right now, we’re all getting heaping helpings of stress and fear from the sources of information that are supposed to keep us safe, but have spread their own confusion and helplessness throughout the community. Remembering to fall back upon the seven core pillars of food, music, art, nature, collaboration, community and recovery is even more crucial now than ever. 1CaB helps to bolster these pillars, all of which help you not only survive, but thrive, no matter what challenges life throws at you. We look forward to helping you meet these challenges — together.




From intellectual performance to immunity, very little isn’t strengthened by a good night’s sleep. Along with exercise and nutrition, our EQUANIMITY is a valuable ally in your restful lifestyle.



Feed your gut biome with HAPPY BELLY, a rich and carefully selected bouquet of herb and hemp extracts designed to enhance your food and diet choices.



Clarity. Focus. Endurance. Vital Recovery fuels your system to soar throughout the day with unparalleled ease.

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