Relieving stress and tension with cannabis wellness

Modern life assaults us with challenges to our mental well-being daily, so you’re going to need strong defenses in order to weather the blows. Considering

Modern life assaults us with challenges to our mental well-being daily, so you’re going to need strong defenses in order to weather the blows. Considering what we’re going through, the arrival of cannabis wellness products to combat modern society’s advanced stress couldn’t come soon enough.

Of course, one needs the proper lifestyle to maximize the benefits a user can get from one’s cannabis products, whether that be Equanimity or anything else. Once that’s taken hold, this practice won’t necessarily eliminate stress altogether, but it will keep it from totally overtaking your life. For once that happens, people’s health starts to unravel. Consider a recent study conducted with over 400,000 subjects, ages 40 to 69. Those who slept less than six hours, but more than nine hours (oversleeping being a habit of the clinically depressed), had a 32% higher risk of getting a heart attack later in life. Sleep, meditation and your daily wellness rituals are the body’s release valves against stress, and a well-implemented cannabis routine can keep the stress in your life from disrupting these sacred mechanisms. Some guidance for doing so is in order, wouldn’t you think?

Avoiding the future tripping trap

Remaining in the present is crucial in most wellness practices — and one of the most difficult mental states to maintain. For active, anxiety-ridden psyches, dwelling on past pain or future-tripping are common debilitating habits powered by runaway stress. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely to fall into future-tripping, or worrying about the future. So much of a business’s promise lies in the execution of future deliverables, and since so many things need to fall into place in order to meet these promises, it’s nearly impossible to avoid. However, no one is immune to this condition.

Again, it all comes back to FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. Stress ties into this in general, but especially when your mind lends itself to endless speculation about the future or regret about the past. Once it dominates you, it can disrupt your sleep, which in turn cultivates fear and self-sabotage elsewhere in your waking life. You are constantly trapped within the phantom fantasies playing out in your mind, rather than making the most of the present.

For me, Equanimity has helped immensely with clearing my mind and calming my nervous system. Controlling unneeded intrusions of one’s negatively influenced memories and imagination is key towards taking your power back from stress and anxiety, and they WILL intrude, sometimes violently, on all your efforts to stay centered. You can bob up and down like a ship in a storm, shifting towards powerful magnetic poles of a failure-filled past or a hostile future. In those times, Equanimity allows you to drop anchor in the NOW. 

Maintaining your mindfulness rituals

However, one cannot simply take Equanimity for stress and anxiety the same way you do a pharmaceutical pill. Without a strong purpose, you may as well hand the wheel over to Big Pharma and ignore the many other factors – mental, social, spiritual – that may fuel the anxiety in our lives.

I have gone over my daily rituals in a previous blog post. Many of them are based on my own core passions. Your daily routines and rituals will vary, depending on what truly ignites you. But whatever they are, they need to bring you back to yourself, so that you can handle the PPT (People, Places and Things) more effectively in your life. These routines and rituals are best handled solo, with the phone off and the world and its demands put on hold. Just like playing a sport or a musical instrument, it requires practice, patience, perseverance and forgiveness, because you ARE going to screw it up every now and again. But it does allow one to engage more fully and effectively with the PPT from a place of strength and clearer judgment. 

These practical steps to reduce stressors, such as simply breathing deeply, are often all WE need to handle most stress cases. And I often wonder how things may have been different for me as an ADHD-afflicted kid had our society known then what it knows now about well-being, meditation and cannabis. Instead of D.A.R.E. and overmedicalization of our youth (with diagnoses for anxiety and depression starting at 2-6 years old, even, since as the pharmaceutical companies know, if you get them that young, you have a customer for life.), we could be teaching these kids wellness exercises and meditation in school — which is also beginning to happen. Teaching our children to take more mindful approaches to their stress will ultimately create more emotional intelligence for our society, instead of dulling the human condition of a child with pharmaceuticals and arresting their natural development. As it stands, we are all learning as one family how to deal with the 21st century’s brand new challenges. Within these challenges lie opportunities to bring true wisdom to bear in our lives. Mindful medicine and Equanimity, we feel, can lead the way to this, and keep the FEAR from gaining hold.



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6 thoughts on “Relieving stress and tension with cannabis wellness”

  1. Excellent article and thoughts @MedicineBox I couldn’t agree more. When I am dealing with the stressors of life a simple breathing practice can stop almost anything coming at me. My go to…breathe in deeply to a count of a slow 5…hold for a slow count of 5 …. release for a slow count of 5 and repeat 5 times.

    Without my evening workout, meditation and cannabis ritual…and good restful sleep for 6 hours I couldn’t keep up the pace I live life at.

    Equanimity….a beautiful experience

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