The Holistic World Part II: Implementation

How I kicked antidepressants using equanimity and CBD For me, the shift from Prozac to cannabis changed everything – my lifestyle, my business, everything. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes. For starters, my treatment came with a lot of experimentation, involving different herbs alongside cannabis. In addition, I also developed a non-negotiable…

Brian // June 7, 2019

How I kicked antidepressants using equanimity and CBD

For me, the shift from Prozac to cannabis changed everything – my lifestyle, my business, everything. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes.

For starters, my treatment came with a lot of experimentation, involving different herbs alongside cannabis. In addition, I also developed a non-negotiable daily mindfulness regimen which incorporates meditation, prayer, diet, nutritional supplements and excursions into nature. Finally, I built this business called Medicine Box – maybe you’ve heard of it, lol – which fully integrated my entrepreneurship into my wellness, literally making it my life’s work.

This may be a heavy lift for those currently in the clutches of antidepressant dependency. My own struggles with dependency certainly showed me that I needed a 360° approach to my wellness, and to acknowledge my own hidden strengths as well as weaknesses in determining an effective strategy. That lays at the core of a holistic wellness solution – one that not only lifted me up towards a baseline of health, but raises my game and helps me overcome the many obstacles in my way. That alchemy of action, purpose and mindfulness has given me the Equanimity I need to effectively manage my deficiencies. Your mileage will vary. But I can tell you this: your whole life and how you live it is your medicine, same as mine. Cannabis is the medium that pulls it all together, and if it can do it for me, it can do it for others, too. Even you.

Building a business around healing

Interestingly enough, not too soon after I hit a wall with my recovery, I also became discontent towards the cannabis work I was doing. I had just come off the most successful harvest ever, yet I was still discontent. Like every alcoholic, I wanted to go for more, more, more. For years, I had lied about my profession, claiming I was a “food and beverage consultant.” I wanted to transform my life into something I could be proud of, and that meant transparency.

Eventually, it all came together as I was recuperating from a neck injury I sustained on the ski slopes at Squaw Valley. During the 30 days I spent on the couch, I started to educate myself on conscious capitalism and modern entrepreneurialism by some of its masters: Steve Jobs, Dave Asprey, Luke Storey and John Mackey. I received massive downloads from their examples and podcasts, and recognized that my own cultivation business could be more than just a way to make money, but a means of creating the world I wanted to see around me.

And what did I want to see? Well, I wanted to see an alternative to the pharmaceutical industry’s monopoly on America’s well-being. I wanted to see affordable and accessible medicine that all of humanity could benefit from. In many ways, I feel that WE as a nation are trying to recover FROM the pharmaceutical industry. The opioid epidemic is an obvious example, but my own difficulties with antidepressants could certainly qualify as well.

This all came together in a trip I took to the island of Oahu in Hawaii on February of 2016. During that time, I read that month’s issue of Conscious Capitalism, which I picked up at a Whole Foods in Oakland before leaving, about three times. Learning more about sustainable, community-focused businesses and the good they did inspired me to develop the business’s brand values and the goods it should offer.

Without even knowing it, that sense of purpose in and of itself was a profoundly healing thing for me. When I wake up nowadays, I never have to ask myself if I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing in life. That doesn’t mean this path is by any means easy or free of challenge. But having something to believe in provides a center for me that otherwise would be filled by self-destructive activities. From there, I was able to flesh out my own medicinal rituals which keep me straight.

My daily medicinal ritual 

From Obama’s cardio and weight training to Jack Dorsey’s 6-mile run, morning rituals can prepare high-achieving types for all the challenges they will face during the course of the day. Layered on top of that for me is accommodating my own mental health needs. Keeping to this daily regimen not only assists with my productivity, but also eases my mind while I do it.

morning ritual 

    • Wake-up time at 6 a.m.: This is after seven-eight hours of sleep, non-negotiable. Here at Medicine Box, we’re all about the Sleep Revolution.
    • Make the Bed: This helps snaps me into productivity right away.
    • Take Supplements.
    • Do Some Pull-Ups: After 10 of them, I truly feel like I can enter into my body more easily.
    • Transition into Qi Gong Movement: The beginning of mindfulness for the day. There’s also the possible attainment of immortality, too, if I do it right lol.
    • Fifteen Minutes of Sun Salutations: I execute this alongside the Serenity Prayer, whereupon I request intuitive guidance for the day to come and invoke the Four Cs (Communication, Creativity, Consciousness and Compassion.) to guide me on my way.
    • Twenty-Minute Meditation: For this, I face east, meeting the rising sun as it rises over Lake Tahoe. During the summer I will either walk over to the Lake to do this or to the Historic StateLine Fire Lookout to conduct this.
    • Make Bulletproof Coffee: My daily manufacture of this sacred brew has taken on all the trappings of ritual, beginning with my 7-minute French press. While this rests, I do the following:
      – Daily Reading: Currently, the 12-Step Daily Reflections, Mindful Morning and The Tao of Power
      – Journal Entry: This usually focuses on things to be grateful for, whether it’s the weather, my good fortune, my trusty husky or business conditions.
    • Drink My Finished Bulletproof Coffee: Once the caffeine hits my synapses, I’m just about ready for the day*
    • Guitar Practice: Generally about 5-10 minutes of running scales. Those who have seen me in IG Live know how I do
    • (Once A Week) Blog Responses: As you’ve probably guessed, these communications are important to me, so it has become a part of my daily ritual.
    • Business/Personal Development Reading: As I’ve mentioned, my reading of the Steve Jobs biography shaped my business philosophy immensely. I continue to augment it.
    • Turn on Phone

From there, I will start my day. During the day, I will pull off some occasional digital detoxes when I find it necessary, usually by taking a 30-40 minute walk or spending an hour paddleboarding, or hitting up Squaw Valley for a mid afternoon shred session. Mid-afternoon, I’ll also sip a Kombucha tea and run some scales on the guitar as well. For the nighttime, it’s a lot simpler:

evening ritual

    • Phone Off: This happens one hour before bed. My body needs at least this much time to power down from screen illumination.
    • Bedtime: I shut off at 10-11 p.m.

One note: if this intimidates you, realize that for many years, I really didn’t have much of a routine. It was mainly skiing, do my busboy (later bartender) job, get wasted, and repeat. Some days, of course, I get more out of it than others. However, I’m pretty sure at the end of my days (assuming I mess up the Qi Gong at some point) I’ll have few if any regrets about keeping this up.

Ultimately, though, I’m able to pull this off because this really isn’t work for me. I’ve integrated all the things I’ve always loved to do into my wellness, from cannabis onwards. So ask yourself, if you’re in the same position I was: what gets you up in the morning? What inspires you? What fills you with purpose? Properly arranged, all of this can serve as your medicine. That to me is holistic healing. 




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