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The month of June represents community as medicine here at Medicine Box. The communities that we live amongst represent a diverse playing field of ideas,

e·thos | ˈēTHäs

noun: the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

The nine ethos of Medicine Box, where all things are medicine and cannabis is the medium that weaves it all together. When combined synergistically with this ethos, Medicine Box is stewarding an evolving entourage effect of a lifestyle. It is every human’s right to live a happy and healthy life while exploring their own consciousness.

Community as Medicine

The month of June represents community as medicine here at Medicine Box. The communities that we live amongst represent a diverse playing field of ideas, innovations, and policies that may or may not resonate with all of us. However, it is important to reflect that community first starts with self. As my new friend Yasmine said to me at the 2018 Conscious Company Leaders Forum, “what a lovely life we live, it’s a miracle that we are ALL here.”

What a profound and powerful statement to hear while sitting under a grove of ancient redwood trees. While reflecting on it, I naturally interpreted this conversational morsel as, well, medicine, but also as a primary building block of community itself. The “self” that we bring to the life we live creates the communities that are manifesting the very miracles that bring us all together.

Conscious Capitalism Community

One of the communities that I am humbled to be a part of is the global Conscious Capitalism community, right here in California. Last week I attended the 2018 Conscious Company Leaders Forum in the Santa Cruz mountains. Was discovering this community a coincidence, or was it actually an alignment with the self? The moral compass that pointed me towards their first publication in 2016 on a trip to Hawaii validated my glimpses into how I wanted to conduct business moving forward. At this time I only had an idea of wanting to create a cannabis brand. This idea quickly manifested into the ever-evolving vision of Medicine Box.

It was through self-exploration that I wanted to create something bigger than what I was limiting myself to, that ultimately brought me towards a community of like-minded people. As I sit here and write this with redwood trees flanking me, I am pleasantly interrupted by various members of this community attending this forum. They humbly initiate conversations that create a communal space to share this journey of Medicine Box and what it means to ME. As I share the vulnerabilities of my personal journey, I am reminded that it sure is “a lovely life that we live and quite a miracle that we are all here.”

Which communities inspire you?

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