Mindfulness: The 9 Ethos of Medicine Box

In Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is utilized to develop the self-knowledge and wisdom that gradually lead to what is described as enlightenment or the complete freedom

e·thos | ˈēTHäs

noun: the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

The nine ethos of Medicine Box, where all things are medicine and cannabis is the medium that weaves it all together. When combined synergistically with this ethos, Medicine Box is stewarding an evolving entourage effect of a lifestyle. It is every human’s right to live a happy and healthy life while exploring their own consciousness.

As we rise out of the dormancy of winter and into the month of April, we begin to reflect on the nine ethos of Medicine Box. The spring awakening shifts our collective mindsets and the month of April will showcase the ethos of mindfulness as it pertains to our guiding beliefs.

The Ethos of Mindfulness

In Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is utilized to develop the self-knowledge and wisdom that gradually lead to what is described as enlightenment or the complete freedom from suffering. Meditation and Qi Gong are mindful medicines that teach us to be in the moment. Seeking calmness while bringing awareness to the present moment through a daily practice. A mindfulness practice can be therapeutic in relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and addictions. Mindfulness in your box of medicine is an unshakeable foundation to build your wellbeing on.

The awareness that we strive to bring to our daily practices as a business starts with each individual. As the founder of Medicine Box, I used a steady mindfulness practice of Qi Gong and meditation while conceptualizing the overall vision I had for the brand. I decided that mindfulness was to be one of the ethos that would guide the evolution of the brand. It continues to be a daily medication for me.

Building a Mindful Cannabis Business

How does this apply to a daily practice in a cannabis business? For example, cultivation is as much of a science as it is a state of being. Being mindful of the genetics we cultivate creates the terpene profiles we seek to infuse our products with. Mindful awareness of our surroundings and the moon cycle maps out our cultivation plan, just as it does our board meetings.

The value systems we seek to enhance the overall development of the brand and the organizations we want to align with are firmly rooted in mindfulness. It is a practical concept that every human can develop with some simple practice. A daily dose of slowing down, practicing awareness, and unplugging from technology are practical tasks. Give yourself the gift of mindful clarity, focus, and flow while integrating cannabis into your daily routine. Mindfulness is medicine.

Join us for the month of April as Medicine Box tunes into the ethos of mindfulness. We’ll explore the other eight ethos in the coming months. Next up: Practicing Mindfulness!

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