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In the constantly evolving cannabis world, we must be flexible and remain open to market feedback. Our tinctures have been on the market for 14 months and we’re happy to say that the patients who use them consistently have an excellent experience. Our Equanimity and Happy Belly have been deemed “market favorites” out of our

Medicine Box // March 26, 2018

In the constantly evolving cannabis world, we must be flexible and remain open to market feedback. Our tinctures have been on the market for 14 months and we’re happy to say that the patients who use them consistently have an excellent experience. Our Equanimity and Happy Belly have been deemed “market favorites” out of our five blends. Since our goal is to provide the highest quality medicine with the most effective therapeutic benefits, we have revamped our tincture dosage based on your feedback.

Equanimity mindfulness tincture deconstructed

Movement and Equanimity

Both these blends are dosed at 300 mg per 1 ounce bottle. This gives 30 doses of 10 mg each, or a month’s supply of high quality, measurable medicine. These are the two out of the five blends that have not changed. As a team, we deemed the dose and the strain (Gold Country Afgoo), most effective for the desired outcome.

The Equanimity blend gained the most recognition across the state and for great reasons! This blend is quite versatile and works as both a sleep aid and anxiety reducing supplement. We have patients who swear by it for evening sleep and report that a dose to wind down at night puts them in a calm, relaxed state. Furthermore, they are staying asleep during the night and waking up feeling clear-headed. (No cannabis hangovers!) This is one of the key reasons we developed this blend, so that is music to our ears.

This blend also reduces symptoms of anxiety symptoms and supports the body in treating the root cause of anxiety. For many patients, Equanimity is their go-to daytime tincture. A clear, focused, and present state of mind is achieved without the nervous energy that so many experience. Because this blend is tried and true, it is back on the market just as it entered.

The Movement blend has largely been helpful to patients post surgery.

The indica dominant hybrid, Afgoo, in combination with the anti-inflammatory, muscle cramp-reducing herbs, is effective for pain mitigation. Because post-op surgery patients can easily get swept up in the opioid epidemic, creating an alternative method of pain treatment was a top priority.

Based on patient feedback and personal use, we came to the conclusion that leaving this tincture dosage as is keeps the integrity of the medicinal qualities.

preventative supplement

Vital Restoration, Sensual Healing, and Happy Belly

These three blends are where the big news lies! This family of three has been on the market dosed at 200 mg per 1 ounce bottle, giving 30 doses of 6.67 mg. These blends are intended to be used as a daily microdose supplement. This allows the body to develop a relationship with both the cannabis and the associated herbs without the feeling of being too high. Based on patient feedback, 6.7 mg is too high for microdosing. Because of this input, we have revamped these three blends to 100 mg per 1 ounce bottle, giving 30 doses of 3.3 mg.

Medicine Box Monday

The Dose Revamp

All of our tinctures were developed with the intention of creating a ritual for your medicinal use. Specifically, using the tincture every day so you can receive the maximum therapeutic benefits from the cannabis and other herbs. From feedback from our patients, we found that they were inclined to take these daily supplements at a lower dose. Many of them were self-directing their dose by only taking half the milliliter dropper, resulting in 3.3 mg of THC per dose. That is one the beauties of tinctures, they encourage the patient to development personal discernment of the appropriate dosage for their body. We’ve made this even more approachable by switching to measured droppers in the bottles, creating the ability to easily dispense the dose that works best for you.

tincture revamp

Sensual Healing

This blend promotes healthy female cycles, mood stabilization, and treats PMS and menopause symptoms. This blend is usually marketed to women, but it also has excellent therapeutic properties for men. The associated herbs target the sex organs in men and women, therefore both parties can benefit from the daily use of these herbs.

Feedback shows that most patients use this blend during the day. They enjoy the support of the anti-inflammatory herbs and cannabis while still being able to go about their daily routines. We’ve found that many of our dedicated Sensual Healing consumers used this blend during menstruation to treat cramps.

The other primary use of this blend is libido support. Sexual expression is a part of holistic health, and supporting this expression is important to us for many reasons! We hope that the changes to the lower dose create the opportunity to really get to know this amazing blend and enjoy the multitude of benefits it offers.

Happy Belly

The other patient favorite! This blend is intended to promote the optimal absorption of food, target inflammation in the digestive organs, and support healthy, daily bowel movements. Many of our patients use this blend to treat symptoms of Crohn’s and IBS. The feedback on what patients have experienced with these digestive herbs is phenomenal. Healthy bowel movements after months of trying everything, reduced intestinal pain (caused by inflammation), and improved relationships with food and the belly. This is huge to hear, as we understand pain in the center of the body often turns into pain in multiple areas of the body. The lower dose makes this tincture accessible to more people that may be suffering from indigestion, food sensitivities, and gut imbalances.

Vital Restoration

Last but certainly not least is the Vital Restoration blend. In my opinion, this blend makes the most sense at a lower dose because we use this to treat symptoms of colds and allergies such as a stuffy nose, headaches, excessive mucus, etc. We don’t just want to treat these symptoms once they’re happening, we want to support the body in avoiding these reactions during seasonal shifts. We’re hoping that the lower dose makes this blend is more approachable for daily use, cold season or not. The herbs in this blend are extremely supportive in boosting the immune system. A healthy, happy immune system can handle high infectious seasons because it has the strength to do so!

All of these blends are available through our distribution channel, Gold Mountain Distribution. We couldn’t be more excited to share the news of these alterations. We’re so grateful for the patient feedback we received that allowed us to come to these conclusions. Medicine Box is dedicated to supporting and encouraging every body to enjoy optimal wellness. We hope you enjoyed this week’s behind the scene feature and gained some knowledge of our practices!




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