Meet Brandy Reaves, Medicine Box COO

Brandy Reaves comes from a family of farmers who immersed her in the cannabis culture at a young age. In 1989, at the age of 14, she moved to the San Juan Ridge in Nevada County which further solidified her relationship with this healing plant.

Brandy Reaves // March 19, 2018

Brandy Reaves comes from a family of farmers who immersed her in the cannabis culture at a young age. In 1989, at the age of 14, she moved to the San Juan Ridge in Nevada County which further solidified her relationship with this healing plant. At the age of 18, when her classmates were going off to college, she was flipping the switch on her first grow: two lights in her bedroom closet.

Brandy Converts to Sustainable Cannabis

The years went by and she mastered the indoor growing scene while maintaining a 9-5 job. She learned to do purchasing and bookkeeping while working at Mountain Peoples Wine, a family business. During this time she also started her own family. When she was 8 months pregnant with her first daughter, she looked down at her belly and realized that she must find a way to cultivate cannabis sustainably. Neither procreation nor cultivation leaves a small environmental footprint and she wanted to leave her child with a future on this planet.

When her daughter was young she went to work for her dear friends who were starting a small, organic gardening store. They needed someone to set up the books and sit in the office, with the hopes that other cultivators out there who wanted to grow in a sustainable fashion would come in to purchase supplies and learn. Working with her friends was so much more than a job and she became passionate about organic farming and loved her work.

As it turns out the organic, soil-building way of cultivating both cannabis and food took off and their humble farm center would become Vital Garden Supply Twelve years later, that humble garden center has served thousands of Nevada County’s finest cultivators and established itself as an industry leader with a thriving local and statewide business.

Joining the Medicine Box Team

As the crash and shift of the cannabis market took hold, Brandy was plagued by both a neck injury and burnout. These changes forced her to re-evaluate her life path. It was during this transitional time that she became fast friends with Brian Chaplin, founder of Medicine Box.

Brian was aware of the shifts in the industry, so he was in the process of transitioning his farms to be strictly organic and actively taking the steps needed to carry his brand to the other side. He sought Brandy out at a birthday party and asked if he could set a time to pick her brain. His enthusiasm and take-charge attitude surrounding the changes in the industry were infectious and became the sparks needed to reignite her passion for cannabis. She slowly started to integrate into the Medicine Box family.

Medicine Box was in the first stages of the startup world and needed much of the same attention that Vital needed in the beginning. Brandy’s initial contribution of consulting, as a friend at no charge, quickly turned into a salaried position and eventually a partnership. Staying true to the startup playbook, all the team members within Medicine Box wear many hats. Brandy Reaves is the current COO and controller at Medicine Box. She also manages the plant care, properties, and books. Transplanting, scheduling, packaging, and managing the human factor are all in a day’s work.




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