Terpene Spotlight: Bisabolol

Bisabolol, also known as levomenol, is a terpene found in many different strains of cannabis. It has a light, floral fragrance, reminiscent of the chamomile

Medicine Box // January 9, 2018

Bisabolol, also known as levomenol, is a terpene found in many different strains of cannabis. It has a light, floral fragrance, reminiscent of the chamomile it’s usually derived from.

It’s been used in cosmetics and skincare products for centuries because it helps the skin absorb other molecules, increasing their effectiveness. A quick glance around my bathroom shows that both my conditioner and my hand lotion contain this terpene — you may be using it on a daily basis already!

New research shows that it has multiple beneficial properties that we’re only now starting to understand. The limited research into the effects of ingesting this terpene is surprising given its abundance in chamomile. It will be very interesting to see what further research reveals — many people drink chamomile tea for its calming effects.

Therapeutic Uses of Bisabolol

Cannabis Strains High on Bisabolol

  • Black Lime
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Gold Country Afgoo
  • Master Kush
  • Pink Kush
  • Sour Diesel

Other Sources of this terpene

  • German chamomile
  • Some varieties of sage

Bisabolol as a Functional Ingredient

This terpene shows great potential as a topical treatment for both pain and inflammation. It’s also showing potential as a cancer-fighting agent. However, all of the studies I found, except the research into parasites, show that researchers are using bisabolol either topically or injecting it rather than consuming it.

Our Sour Diesel shows high levels of this terpene, between 1% and 2%!

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