Medicine Box Monday: Health and Wellness Inspirations

You may notice a theme with the settings that inspire our team: movement in nature! Whether it’s skiing, climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, or yoga, we

Medicine Box // July 31, 2017

The Health and wellness Line-up

You may notice a theme with the settings that inspire our team: movement in nature! Whether it’s skiing, climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, or yoga, we sure do love to use our bodies to play. For this week’s behind the scenes feature, we will share how all of these fabulous activities help us maintain our mission. The health and wellness movement continues to be a guiding force for the Medicine Box tribe.

Since our launch, we’ve attended all sorts of events, but we’re finding more and more platforms that focus on cannabis as a health and wellness tool. This is music to our ears! We’re finding more and more events that focus on cannabis as a lifestyle tool. This is music to our ears! Medicine Box wants to enhance and promote living a healthy, active, and adventurous lifestyle!

Lit Yoga Studio

Lit Yoga is the first cannabis focused yoga studio in LA. They offer multiple classes a week with teachers who understand the ins and outs of cannabis-enhanced movement.

They offer collaborative workshops that are educational and product-focused. This studio is an excellent fit for our health and wellness mission. Medicine Box truffles are featured in the gift bags given to the students who attend class from now through August. The products can be consumed before class to enhance the experience or taken home to enjoy later.


As we shared in CannaBliss: The Future of Cannabis, this event is exactly the kind of place that showcases our product and story best. With a well-rounded audience, this five-day gathering encompasses education, health and wellness, and cannabis. Fortunately, the CannaBliss team is at it again and preparing for the second go round. You will be sure to find Medicine Box products there to uplift and enhance the already incredible gathering.

Ganja Yoga

Dee Dussault’s dynamic ganja yoga teachings inspired us to get to know how our bodies flow with the featured tincture. Our Movement Medicine tincture will be present at Dee’s September 23rd class in Oakland. Practicing with this anti-inflammatory blend that supports joints, muscles, and the nervous system is a great way to elevate your practice.

Our Personal Practice

We have found that using truffles or tinctures (our indica-based products) before movement, gets you out of your head and into to your body. Intuitive movement happens when the mover is in tune with what their body is asking for.

Before trying this out myself, I was under the impression that I only liked to practice with the help of sativa-based products. I discovered that the energy boost of sativa was nice, but did not necessarily help me to be in tune with my body. There is certainly a time a place for both! Having a safe space for cannabis consumption and movement allows the individual to discover what works best for them.  And having the support of a teacher and community makes all the difference in the exploration!

If you feel that Medicine Box could contribute to your health, wellness, educational or movement oriented event please drop us a line in the comments!

Happy Medicine Box Monday

-The Tribe

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