Cannabliss Retreats: The Future Of Cannabis

As the reality of cannabis continues to evolve, so does the way we use it. Creating sacred and educational spaces for people to ask questions and gain clarity about the plant is an excellent tool for eradicating stigma. As the future of cannabis unfolds day by day, more insight is gained on how to relate

Medicine Box // July 1, 2017

As the reality of cannabis continues to evolve, so does the way we use it. Creating sacred and educational spaces for people to ask questions and gain clarity about the plant is an excellent tool for eradicating stigma. As the future of cannabis unfolds day by day, more insight is gained on how to relate to the natural world. An excellent example of all of these elements coming together was displayed at Cannabliss Retreats in Ojai this past weekend. In this post, we will share some insights about what the future of cannabis holds for all of us!

Cannabliss: Plant Your Seed

Five days of cannabis, wellness, and education was executed with poise and class. The vision behind this retreat was to create an experience with plant medicine that left a positive impact on the individuals attending. The more personal uplifting stories, the greater the impact and relate-ability in the growing cannabis community. Cannabis advocates from all over came to learn about topics like Cannabis and Sexuality, How To Commune With Sacred Plants, and Cannabis and Your DNA. Experts came and shared their findings with the retreat-goers. These educational panels were sandwiched between hanging at the vape bar, enhanced massage therapy, acupuncture sessions, yoga, hikes, and restful down time. Needless to say, there were a plethora of offerings that came together beautifully.

Eating Your Medicine

Both infused and non-infused meals prepared by Gladys Noth and Paige Murtaugh of Mbombo and Friends were offered daily, each sponsored by a different farm. The experience of tasting cannabis like any other spice, and noticing the flavor enhancement it provides, is nothing short of amazing. The way the body receives cannabis when ingested and digested is very different than smoking, vaping, or applying topically. The on-site feeling takes time (anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.) As an edible focused company, we always love to see the innovative and creative methods that chefs and foodies are exploring!

This element also spoke to the point of medicating with clean, organic food as well as cannabis. There are many health benefits our bodies can receive from consuming cannabis, but if the carrier (food, oil, bud, etc.) is not meeting high standards, it may be causing more harm than good.

The offering of both infused and non-infused was pertinent, as the consumer could get to know their personalized dose. The Cannabliss facilitators did an excellent job teaching us how to develop a relationship with food as well as plants.

Medicine Box Findings

Some standouts for our team include the diversity in age range and professional occupations of the attendees, as well as the seamless blending of multiple offerings coming together. Doctors, cultivators, wellness professionals, teachers, and retirees all came together to share a powerful experience. Creating a positive experience around plant use is a major player in the cannabis movement. This particular retreat (and events/gatherings like it, where using cannabis is highlighted as a wellness tool), have the opportunity to create a very holistic approach to medical and recreational users alike.

Medicine Box is honored to be included in events like Cannabliss, as we take a very holistic approach to cannabis as medicine. We had the pleasure of attending for four out of the five days and offering massage therapy with Apothecanna topical medicinals. We also offered people the option try our Movement Medicine tincture to enhance the massage experience even further. Both topical application and oral tinctures are approachable for new users and allow the body to create a relationship with the plant without overdoing it.

cannabliss retreat

Overall this was an excellent experience that we are incredibly grateful to have contributed to. Thank you to the facilitators Sari Gabbay, Lori Barron, Stephan Gardner, and Karina Vottchall for creating a truly magical week. Fellow product sponsors to keep an eye out for: The Bloomfield Co.Papa & Barkley, Foria, Moonman’s Mistress, Grass Fed, Mellows, Hmbldt, and Apothecanna to name a few!

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