Women and Cannabis Circle: The Power of Women Coming Together

The strength of women intentionally gathering is one that can’t be explained. And with the very intention being collaborative support and healing around cannabis as medicine, this is the kind of circle that can cause a huge shift in the shadowed elements of the cannabis movement.

Medicine Box // April 10, 2017

A Women and Cannabis Circle: The Strenght of Gathering

The strength of women intentionally gathering is one that can’t be explained. And with the very intention being collaborative support and healing around cannabis as medicine, this is the kind of circle that can cause a huge shift in the shadowed elements of the cannabis movement. Each and every woman comes to the circle with their own unique experience with the plant, and that makes for very potent and vulnerable story telling.

The fact that circles like this exist, gives me that last bit of faith to know we are in the exact right place at the exact right time. In this write up i’ll cover a few themes I noticed when attending A Women and Cannabis Circle hosted by Cannabis Feminist  at the beautiful Dandelion Collective studio in Marina Del Rey.

Coming Out Of The Shadows

Cannabis plant photography

This is a theme that is common in the cannabis industry all across the board as we shift from prohibition to a legal market state by state. Those that have carried the plant for decades have often chose to do so in silence. Whether they were discreet about their cultivation, processing of any kind or even medical use, it is a very common theme that growers and users alike have kept to themselves. To look around a circle and see a group of individually expressed women in  business, art, and health, all taking an advocate stance and being proud of their relationship with cannabis, confirms to me that there is something big happening!

We have entered a time where truth, advocacy and openness are all encouraged. This can feel edgy at times, because although there is a massive shift happening around acceptance, there are still years of negative conditioning for some generations to let go of. “Letting go” does not simply happen over night. Education, conversation, diligence, and creating safe space for expression are all key elements on the journey to acceptance and beginning to trust. And what is a more safe space then an intentional gathering of women coming together to acknowledge their own relationship with the plant and to support one another in maintaining their truest expression? That is pure gold in my book!

The Importance Of Storytelling

Storytelling in the United States

This is the very thread that has tied us (in modern day civilization) to our ancestors. Generation by generation stories are passed down. This is how we relate to one another. Whether  something similar has happened to a listener of the story or it reminds them of someone they love; a story can be the spark of inspiration and/or create the feeling of being understood. Now, more than ever, it is important to share the good, positive experiences that we have with cannabis. We may not relate to every person that we speak to, and some conversations may be more challenging than others. But when you meet that person or people that have a shift of perspective towards the positive, it’s a reminder to be diligent and stand in your truth.

For by doing so, more lives can be touched. Our individual experiences become communal when they are shared. So piece by piece we begin to understand circumstances different or greater than our own and our individual experience is more powerful because it is witnessed.

Sharing something as potent as a healing journey that may have been truly one of the hardest moments that life has presented, can be super vulnerable. And the impact can also be huge. This circle was an incredible example of the potency of storytelling. Because of hearing the stories from each of these beautiful women, there is an even greater drive to keep going! To keep learning, relating, having those hard conversations, and being vulnerable and sharing the good and hard moments that cannabis has helped us through.

A Space For Collaborations

Once you’ve entered the space of vulnerability and relatability then comes openness. This is a truly incredible state because possibilities are abundant. Feeling the support of a network of people, so loving and accepting, is a feeling that can’t be described. All the juicy ones combined, the ultimate feeling of acceptance. With so many different specialties, educational backgrounds, and place in the industry, it creates a well of knowledge and fierceness. That is quite the combo. As mentioned in our Emerald Cup Tribe Review The Women of Humboldt’ ( a collaborative booth with multiple companies working together and representing their county,) stood out because of the collective strength. Together we are stronger and it shows! Medicine Box couldn’t be happier to be welcomed into this circle of women, as it was a huge confirmation of what is possible by extending out past the comfort zone.

We look forward to further collaborations and possibilities as we continue to move forward with intention.

Here’s a few companies affiliated with the badass women we met the other night! Cannabis Feminist Highly Devoted CoachingMondo MedsYoga With Minelli, CannaBliss RetreatDandelion Collective LAHint of Greens, Get Higher Beauty  and Papa and Barkley. Thank you again to each of you!

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