3 Steps for New Medical Cannabis Patients

As we continue to have open conversations about cannabis use with populations that surprise even us, more and more is revealed. As stated in our

Medicine Box // October 15, 2016

As we continue to have open conversations about cannabis use with populations that surprise even us, more and more is revealed. As stated in our previous blog the elderly is the fastest growing demographic. Another important demographic that we would like to highlight are those that have a chosen a life of sobriety and have committed to a twelve step program (NA, AA.) This is an important demographic to us because of personal relationships and experiences with it, as as well as we acknowledging that they do not want to be known or seen as cannabis patients because of their commitment to the program. We would like to help, and I will state how in this article. 

Something that we’re finding when talking to new cannabis users that have recently become cannabis patients, is that finding credible sources for information, research, and where to get quality medicine in general, is where most are hitting a wall. This may be because not a lot of research is funded for this plant based on it being federally illegal. It may be that up until recent years, testing for dosage, terpene profiles, and overall cannabinoid ratio breakdown was not required. And of course, the whole shift of the stigma happening as the result of years of prohibition is changing before our eyes. With AUMA (Adult Use of Marijuana Act, or Proposition 64) polling at 60%, we may be witnessing the end of prohibition California style in the upcoming year. We will cover more on this topic in an upcoming blog. For now we want to cover some FAQ’s and share a brief inspirational story.

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Who is our Target Population?

Our target is population includes those who have a desire to receive the most benefits possible from the plant in a medicinal way. This typically includes those who are dealing with some sort of pain or illness, those wanting to increase their preventive care methods, and/or those who believe in the power of the plant.

This is not age, race, or class discriminatory, we truly feel that when taken properly and with intention, a lot of healing can happen emotionally and physically. What is most important to us is that medicine is accessible, even if you do not personally want to go into a collective (due to wanting to be under the radar as a patient,) we want to guide you to resources available in your area. If you relate to this in any way and would like support finding a collective near you, please comment below.

How do I get my card?

Hello MD is a great online physician. It is very accessible to anyone, anywhere. This is for a general recommendation that will grant you access to all CA and NV based collectives (storefront and delivery,) as well as all Cannabis related expos. If you have a condition you would like support from a physician from, a great resource is United Patient Group go to the “consultation” tab. They are based out of Northern California and provide services for specific ailments (exact dosage and ratios CBD: THC,) and connect you with their registered physicians. Although legalization of adult use would not require those over 21 years of age to have a medical recommendation, it is our goal to maintain medical, existing in parallel with AUMA (similar to CO.) Again we’ll go further into the specifics of what legalization means for the cannabis patients in a future blog, so stay tuned!

How do I find a dispensary/delivery service? is a great resource that you can type in your city, zip, or name of the business to find what your looking for. Menus are available on the site. What I typically do is check out what is in the area and then go to the direct website of the collective and give them a call for specific questions. I find talking to a person to be much more personable and helpful when looking for a particular medicine, and this way you are already developing a relationship with the collective before you step in or order delivery. This can lead to feeling safe and taken care of by your potential local collective. *If you are someone who does not want to be seen in a collective for any reason, delivery is an amazing option.* Just like all patient to physician relationships, your identity, reason for visit, and what you order is confidential. If you would like support in this realm, going in with a regular to the collective can be comforting or having another cannabis patient call and ask questions for you. We the Medicine Box tribe are patient focused and would be happy to help find you a collective based on your needs.

An Anonymous Write Up: Medicine Box Extended Tribe

Why we are sharing this is this patient falls under the above criteria. They did not want to be known as an cannabis patient and struggled for years trying to treat with other medications. Having access to this medicine has elevated her life and she is still anonymous in her community. It is possible, and we have your back!

This is why we do what we do, to uplift lives.

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I first started to have anxiety, or panic attacks shortly after my first child was born.  I was not sure if it was hormonal, fear based, or both.  I did not do anything about it, kind of struggled through the attacks, and shortly after my second was born, they stopped for awhile.  

The anxiety did come  back again about 8 years ago.  I went to the doctor and he prescribed Xanax for me.  I tried the Xanax and since it was a dopamine, I decided it was better for me to avoid that particular drug, but I switched one for another and got him to give me Valium.  My attacks are not consistent but when they happen they are uncomfortable.  The Valium when I took it always made me feel like I had a hang over the next day so I only used it when I had to.   My Anxiety can be coupled with my having herpes, as when I get an outbreak my nerves are heightened, noise bothers me and I kind of need quiet.  However they don’t always happen together.

I got my Medical Marijuana card from a doctor, so when I had the chance to try a tincture from Medicine Box, I was willing to try alternative methods for both my Herpes and Anxiety.  It has really helped me, I take the tincture with ice water and I do not need much, it quietly relaxes me with no weird side effects at all.  I have also gotten a topical that I put on any outbreaks that I have for my herpes.  I do not have to take any medication daily as I only treat when I have either anxiety or an outbreak.  

It really helps me so much and I can go about my daily activities and be productive and social.

Thanks Medicine Box




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