Gold Country Afgoo – Our Flagship Strain

A Medicine Box team favorite, Gold Country Afgoo found its identity within Nevada County’s Gold Country. The Mediterranean climate with wet, cool, rainy winters and…

Medicine Box // September 7, 2016

A Medicine Box team favorite, Gold Country Afgoo found its identity within Nevada County’s Gold Country.

The Mediterranean climate with wet, cool, rainy winters and hot summers distinguish this growing appellation in the undulating Sierra Nevada foothills. This single origin, indica-dominant strain has been yielding high-quality medicine in this region for over 30 years.

Gold country afgoo process


Cultivated in an organic living soil medium blended by Medicine Box with a sustainable formulation of non-leonardite derived humic and fulvic acids.1

Seabird and bat guanos high in both nitrogen and phosphorous are applied during the respective vegetation and flower phases under mixed light greenhouses.

Our cultivation team finishes the final phases of flower development with a customized flushing regime that boosts the fantastic crystal content and beautiful terpene profile of Gold Country Afgoo.

Medicine Box has been growing this strain for six years, taking the time to learn how to help the plants thrive. Our team of cultivators love its beautiful, Christmas tree appearance. During the final phase of flowering,2 the Afgoo explodes with growth, forming gorgeous, gooey crystals.

The high THC content produces fantastic yields for oil, allowing us to make some amazing edibles.

Flavor Profile

Gold Country Afgoo is easily identified by its calming and stress relieving benefits as well as being an excellent sleep aid. Earthy, peppery, and piney flavors with flecks of strawberry compose the abundantly visible resin pockets which are home to the dominant terpenes Bisabolol, Beta Caryophyllene, Caryophyllene Oxide and Alpha HumuleneThese terpenes play host to a range of medicinal attributes such as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effects, as well as effectively calming anxiety and depression.

cannabis plant with tutors

Effects of Gold Country Afgoo

By far one of the most commonly reported reactions is a deep feeling of relaxation. This makes it highly effective at calming anxiety and soothing depression, as well as a potent sleep aid. It also provides a body high, complete with a sense of euphoria and well-being. If you’re looking for a way to relax at the end of the day, this is it.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with Gold Country Afgoo. Talk to us in the comments.




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