The Healing Power of Zen: A Tincture Testimonial

Our most recent testimonial was from a dear friend of the tribe who had an unfortunate accident down the stairs resulting in a back injury.

Medicine Box // July 29, 2016

The Medicine Box Tribe has been hard at work finalizing our packaging so that our hand crafted infused products are available in a dispensary near you as soon as possible! Hang tight – you’ll be able to get your hands on all the Medicine Box goods so soon! 

In the meantime, we are fine-tuning our products. This means selling our initial small-batch products to friends and family with the hopes of receiving helpful feedback*. Our Chocolate Truffles, Medicine Bars and Tinctures were all engineered to provide medicinal value to our patients for a variety of ailments, and we want to make sure the people are getting what they need!

Our most recent testimonial was from a dear friend of the tribe who had an unfortunate accident down the stairs resulting in a back injury. She purchased one of our Zen Tinctures to help ease the pain and tension, and help her remain horizontal for much of the healing period.

Here is what she has to say about her experience:

I used the tincture after falling and hurting my back, which resulted in a severely bruised rib, acute back spasms and 7 days of bed rest. It helped to reduce my spasms and help my muscles to relax deeply. It reduced the pain without totally numbing the area, so I could move in ways that did not exacerbate my injury. It reduced my anxiety and made my mind both relaxed and focused without the usual ‘ganja daze’, allowing me to stay still for a long time and get the bed rest I needed. On a spiritual level, it had the unexpected effect of turning up the volume on my inner intuitive soundtrack. I will definitely use it again and recommend it to others.

As a medicinal consumer (rather than a recreational user) I wanted to know:

Are the cannabis/other ingredients organic?

What are the amounts of the herbs in the tincture (ie are they just there for taste/show or are there medicinally relevant doses in the bottle/in each dropper.)

I also wanted to know the amounts of herbs in case they interfere with other supplements/ medicines I am taking….(especially important for people taking anti-depressants as some herbs stop the intake of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).“

Kim, Health Professional. Lake Tahoe, Ca

First off, huge thanks to Kim for taking the time to review her experience and get back to us. We are thrilled to learn that our tincture was a significant part of her recovery and that our medicine worked.

Second, I will use this platform to answer her questions!

Yes, the cannabis and herbs used in the tinctures are organic.

There is the same amount of THC as other herbs in each tincture. Each of our tinctures has a unique blend of THC and a handpicked selection of herbs offering their healing properties to specific ailments such as achy joints or muscles, indigestion or poor immunity. The amount in the dropper is medicinally relevant and is what we suggest as a “dose”. Of course, everybody and every patient is different, and the dosage varies per person.

Kim’s last question left us pondering. We do not have an answer for her at this time but her question has spurred research for a future blog! We want to make sure we are able to answer our patients’ questions confidently and completely, and if we don’t have an answer we will make it our duty to find one! Stay tuned for more on how cannabis affects those taking other supplements and medications.

Huge thanks to Kim and everyone else in the community that has taken the time to try our products and let us know what they think, helping us to make our final product even better. Stay tuned for product launch dates and let us know if you want to be a guinea pig!

Peace, Love and Ganja

If you are interested in discounted infused goodies in exchange for writing reviews/testimonials, please let us know! Contact us at [email protected] .

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