Tasting Review: So Much Goodness

They came. They saw. They tasted. They loved! It’s somewhat difficult to gauge how successfully a tasting when half the products are infused with “happy”

Medicine Box // June 3, 2016

They came. They saw. They tasted. They loved!

It’s somewhat difficult to gauge how successfully a tasting when half the products are infused with “happy” oil (happy oil = pure CO2 Afgoo oil). Not to say that all of our products aren’t made with happiness – they certainly are. They’re made with lots of love too. But the happy oil guaranteed all of our guests left with smiles on their faces!

Our tasting last week was the first of many. The hope for these tastings is that they give Medicine Box the opportunity to show off our new products and get feedback; and for our community to come together to learn more about Medicine Box, our mission, and our plans for the future. The tastings are also meant to foster thoughtful conversations about cannabis; to learn about the benefits and current climate of medical marijuana. Not to mention we love inviting you all to taste our delicious treats! (Compliments to our chef Jill, she is a rock star in the kitchen).

All in all, I deem the tasting a success. The Medicine Box tribe is thrilled to officially debut our products and share our goods with the world! The rain kept us inside for most of the afternoon but it created a peaceful and cozy vibe – perfect for indulging in one (or 7 if you really committed and sampled all of the flavors, like some of our truly dedicated critics did) of our medicated chocolate truffles. While my biased opinion boasts that all of our flavors are mouthwatering and scrumptious, there were some clear favorites. Our Lemon Blueberry truffle was the almost unanimous front-runner, followed by Mint Espresso and Coconut Goji Berry. For the energy bars, the smoked almond was the winner by far.

We are so excited (and a bit relieved) to have our first event under our belts. We are constantly fine tuning and innovating our product line and can’t wait to host another event to share what’s new. And now that the sun is out…..tasting on the beach anyone???

For those in our community that made the time to come to the tasting, and for those who have been following us so far in this journey, we want to give you a HUGE shout out. Thank you so much. The Medicine Box Tribe is honored and humbled by your continued support.  It was so special for us to create the space to share our passion with you all. As we continue to innovate and grow, we have much more in store. And as with everything from Medicine Box, we guarantee the highest quality cannabis products from soil, to oil, to you. Stay tuned!

Peace, love, and ganja.

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