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Blood Testing Drivers for THC is Nonsense, AAA Study Says. At least three states, and possibly as many as eleven, will also vote this fall

Medicine Box // May 14, 2016

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Blood Testing Drivers for THC is Nonsense, AAA Study Says

At least three states, and possibly as many as eleven, will also vote this fall on ballot measures to legalize marijuana for either recreational or medicinal use, or both. Several legislatures are also considering legalization bills.

“There is understandably a strong desire by both lawmakers and the public to create legal limits for marijuana impairment in the same manner we do alcohol,” said Marshall Doney, AAA’s president and CEO. “In the case of marijuana, this approach is flawed and not supported by scientific research.”

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How To Smoke Weed and Keep Your Lungs Healthy 

The number one risk of inhaling smoke into your lungs is lung cancer. Be it smoke from tobacco or from a campfire, ashen plant particles in your lungs are never good.

Yet, somehow, this fact fails to hold true for weed smokers. Is this a natural anomaly? Well, kind of. Recent studies show that regular cannabis users are as likely to get lung cancer as the average person.

Weird, right? How is that possible? Well, we’ve got the scoop. Here’s all you’ve ever needed to know about the effects of smoking marijuana, and how to keep your lungs healthy while doing it: 

Image source: The Influence

The New York Times’ Coverage of Prince’s Death Feeds Our Opioid Myth

To summarize: About three quarters of painkiller deaths occurred from non-medically prescribed use of the drugs—even though prescribed users far outnumber non-medical users.

Calculating deaths from opioid use (throwing in heroin) over a denominator that includes prescribed painkiller users presents us with a fraction of a fraction; in a group tens of millions strong, opioid-related deaths are actually rare. Did you or someone you know die after being prescribed a painkiller following the extraction of your wisdom tooth or surgery you received?

So what distinguishes the small population of opioid users at greatest risk from this larger, much less vulnerable one? 

Image source: High Times

High on Harm Reduction

As the legal landscape for cannabis evolves, its important role in harm reduction has come to be increasingly recognized. From hardcore addicts seeking relief from withdrawal symptoms, to heavy drinkers looking to replace booze with pot, research and science are showing the benefits of cannabis in recovery.

Image source: Getty Images via Wired.

Nobody Knows How High You Are Right Now—It’s Really Hard to Measure

To wit, no reliable method exists to tell you exactly how high that joint, edible, dab, or bong rip will get you. (Actually, I’m pretty confident that a bong rip is going to get you incredibly high.) This is important, because marijuana is going mainstream. Many of its new customers aren’t lifelong stoners, and want an experience similar to, say, a Budweiser: a predictably intoxicating experience. Problem is, cannabis is one hell of a puzzling drug. Its many compounds can play with your body’s chemistry in ways that scientists are just beginning to understand.

Image source: Leafly

The Leafly Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Chocolate

Cannabis and chocolate: two substances with the power to make people very happy. Few things make for a better pair, and between the thousands of cannabis strains and a similar range of chocolate origins and options, the possibilities are endless. But how to go about pairing your favorite chocolate bars, truffles and desserts with your favorite strains? Don’t be intimidated by pairings – they’re easier than you think.”          

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