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Most symptoms of “greening out” (imbibing too much cannabis) will dissipate within minutes to hours, with no lasting effects beyond a little grogginess. Give it

8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

Most symptoms of “greening out” (imbibing too much cannabis) will dissipate within minutes to hours, with no lasting effects beyond a little grogginess. Give it some time and these feelings will eventually past, trust us. Also, contrary to what you may have heard, there have been zero reported cannabis overdose deaths in the history of ever, so despite how freaked out you may feel or how sweaty you get, you won’t expire from excess consumption. (Don’t take that on as a challenge, just keep in mind that if you accidentally overdo it, you’ll be okay in a while.)


Marijuana Consumption in California for 2015

April 20th is the biggest “holiday” for marijuana, with over 2.5x the normal number of orders; on Mother’s Day, patients order 15% less.

Weed Rosin is Changing the Way We Get High

“Smoking flowers dates a person,” says Blake. “A guy told me they cleaned out all the old bongs in his head shop—they don’t even have them. Nobody smokes flowers anymore.”

Smoker Supply Kit: Mountain must-haves for skiing and riding

Yes, smoking cannabis is technically illegal at ski resorts in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska,  whose mountains often occupy federal land. But there’s a reason gondolas are called “ganjulas” — it has long been a standard part of many a skier’s and rider’s ritual.

Oakland Museum of California Presents Altered State: Marijuana in California

Sample the scents of different strains of cannabis, and touch pot leaves and buds while wearing lab-strength rubber gloves. Tell your truth in the Cannabis Confessional—a booth where you can anonymously share your personal experiences with pot. Watch 30 years worth of PSAs about marijuana, and listen to what youth are saying on the topic today. Cast your vote on how California should approach the legalization of marijuana, all in Altered State! From April 16th through September 25th.

The Search for the Best Cannabis Brownie Recipe Ever

Some were cakey; some were fudgy; some were studded with nuts and berries; others were minty and frosted; some were barely noticeable in their effects, while others just about knocked us out. We baked every single one, and called on Leafly staff to judge them based on appearance, aroma, flavor, texture and effects in a blind taste test. 

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